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  • Alternative Data

    ‘Alternative Data’ is Going Mainstream, Here’s Why Investors Should Pay Attention

    When it comes to investing, the name of the game is information. To keep up with others and outperform in an increasingly competitive market, fund managers and retail investors alike are always on the lookout for crucial information that will give them an advantage. Information comes in a variety of

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  • Cloud Mining Investment

    The Relevance of Cloud Mining Investment

    Cloud mining permits users to purchase mining power of the equipment set in remote data centers, rather than utilize their own machines. All the mining is carried out in the cloud, with no offline issues like electricity, hosting problems, or installation and upkeep inconvenience.It can be defined as streamlined mining

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  • blockchain Ellcrys

    Source-Level DAO Platform will be the Next Step in Business Evolution

    With the decentralized nature of blockchain tech, the traditional hierarchical structures associated with organizations that fall within a centralized platform, such as single ownership, leader, trust, and headquarters, are no longer applicable.For instance, web service providers support account structures that can only cater to a centralized, single owner structure, with

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  • Cryptocurrencies: when security and risk merge

    Cryptocurrencies: When Security and Risk Merge

    Digital technologies became ingrained in our everyday lives. For a long time, the world has been evolving toward various gadgets and using technological solutions for productive use only. The latest global financial crisis forced the technological and financial world draw its focus toward something new: cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are financial units,

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  • Cryptocurrencies

    4 Reasons Why Cloud Token Cryptocurrency Will Succeed

    Millions of businesses have opted for cloud computing enabling employees to work from anywhere on any device. This is the new normal for any SMBs, with bigger corporations also seeking to reduce costs by enabling employees to work from home. Fewer desks, less rent, no need to buy expensive in-house

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  • Uranium

    Uranium Markets Are Moving Into A Deficit And The World Is Still Building New Nuclear Power Plants

    Uranium is still the anchor energy source for a stable base load in the world. The 2017 Uranium report has confirmed that uranium production is in a deficit and with energy consumption that is rising every year through e-mobility and Japanese reactors, there are companies that must fill the gap.

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  • Currency re-evaluation: A looming reality or a wild card?

    Currency re-evaluation: A looming reality or a wild card?

    The subject of global currency revaluation has sparked a lot of controversy over the years; some commentators are counting down the days until it will no longer be a choice, and others are adamant that such a possibility does not exist.Currency standardisation did not appear until 1940, when two World

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  • Forex VPS Hosting

    What is Forex VPS Hosting?

    A virtual private server (“VPS”) is a form of web hosting, which uses data centre facilities to allow businesses to locate physical hardware to provide a direct ISP connection, with Forex VPS data centres or professional computer-server facilities providing the ability for trading entities to host their trading software for

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  • Technical Analysis

    How Can You Benefit From The Corrections Equality in the FX Trading? Actual Setups!

    The thing with the technical analysis is that you can believe in it or not but your belief cannot question the efficiency. Some parts of the technical analysis just work and you cannot argue with the facts. In this article I will show You the correction equalities, which are not

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  • Developing your Trading Strategy

    Developing your Trading Strategy

    Trading is a business, pure and simple, and the goal is to generate revenues that produces the best risk adjusted returns as an investment.  A robust trading strategy is one that you feel comfortable trading.  If you do not want to have discretion, you can find a strategy that is

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  • The Benefits of a Trailing Stop

    The Benefits of a Trailing Stop

    The most important part of any trading strategy is determining the specific style of risk management you plan on evoking. Before you actually enter a trade, you always need to have a firm idea of where you plan on exiting and admitting you are wrong.  What is much harder to

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  • April Might be a Strong Month for Stocks

    A Seasonal Study Show that April Might be a Strong Month for Stocks

    Trading ideas can be generated in a number of ways.  Although a transaction is usually focused on a specific asset or sector, one can generalize a movement over time using statistical analysis.  One of the best ways to attain an overview of where a specific security or sector will move

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  • Finding the Drivers of the Stock Market

    Finding the Drivers of the Stock Market

    When traders think about the stock market, they generally view it as the S&P 500 or the DAX or Nikkei.  But stock markets are much more than indices, stocks markets are a market of stocks.  Individual stocks make up the market and there is always a bull or bear market

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  • Trading Natural Gas

    Natural gas in it most natural form is a gas as opposed to a liquid.  Many are confused and equate this product to gasoline which is refined from crude oil and part of the distillation process.  Natural gas is found within the earth and is produced by drilling into the

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  • Buy Protection When its Cheap

    Fear and greed are the emotions that generally dominate the capital markets.  Investors psyche will fluctuate between complacency and outright panic at the extremes, while climbing a wall or worry during many periods.  One of the best ways to measure fear and complacency is to measure implied volatility.Implied volatility is

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  • How to Use Divergence to Get the Upper Hand

    There are a myriad of trading strategies which can be utilized by forex traders to get an upper hand on the forex markets.  Today, forex traders utilize technical as well as fundamental tools to give them a better understanding on price action within the markets as well as business news

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  • Using Commodities as a Guide for other Assets

     There are many times during the ebb and flow of the capital markets that specific commodities take on a large global role and drive the direction of other assets.  Commodities in generally play a crucial role in this dynamic where the correlation of the performance between stocks and commodities or

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  • Utilizing Momentum Trading

    Utilizing Momentum TradingTraders have numerous forms of trading strategies that they leverage off of on a consistent basis.  The markets are made up of numerous traders all with a different idea and philosophy on which direction the markets are headed.  It is important for the trader to understand that each

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  • Mean Reverting Statistical Trading

    Forex traders are always looking for new trading techniques to increase their odds at successful trading opportunities.  Technical analysis tools which are used quite frequently in forex trading and utilized to find support and resistance levels are Bollinger Bands.  The forex markets are constantly changing and when utilizing a forex

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  • Volatility Risk

    What happens when markets crash and the affect on securities

    There are numerous reasons why markets crash and there are varies affects that takes place within the global markets when specific effects takes place.  Market crashes can be traced back to events such as political unrest within the world, wars, economic turmoil, natural disasters etc.  Today, most markets are closely

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