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  • EUR/USD daily chart, May 17, 2018

    Market Snapshot – Gold Prices Get Some Relief

    Gold Prices HigherThe gold prices have managed to get some relief mainly due to the weakness that is being seen in the dollar over the last 24 hours. The anticipation over the FOMC minutes has reduced to an extent during this period and this has given some respite to the

  • global stocks

    Global Stocks Mostly Higher; US Dollar, Oil and Italy in Focus

    The Italian Election has delivered a Coalition Government that “will put Italian national interests first”. This is creating a tension with the EU as the new government has proposed billions of euro in tax cuts, increased social welfare payments and scrapping pension reform, all of which would break the fiscal

  • FTSE 100 daily chart, April 19, 2018

    Market Snapshot – Dollar Shoots Higher on Growing Anticipation

    Dollar Grows in SizeThe dollar continued to rise higher and gain in strength over the entire day as the focus for this week is firmly and correctly on the dollar over the last few days. The anticipation over the FOMC meeting and the minutes towards the end of the week

  • Equity Markets and USD Rise as US Could Tolerate NAFTA Deadline in 2019 for the Right Deal

    Equity Markets and USD Rise as US Could Tolerate NAFTA Deadline in 2019 for the Right Deal

    US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin gave an interview on NAFTA over the weekend where he said that President Trump is “more determined to have a good deal than he’s worried about any deadline”. He spoke about the US acceptance of the deadline slipping into 2019 once the right deal for

  • How will U.S. Sanction on Iran Impact on the Global Markets?

    How will U.S. Sanction on Iran Impact on the Global Markets?

    While there are many words that may be used to describe Donald Trump’s tenure as U.S. President, ‘dull’ is certainly not one of them. A list of his recent endeavors definitely makes for interest reading, from initiating a trade war with China to withdrawing from the controversial Iran Nuclear Deal

  • EUR/USD Regular Bullish Divergence in 4h Timeframe

    Stock Futures Point to Weakness

    It is the earnings season in the US and we are getting a stream of earnings data for the quarter from the various companies in the US. The stock futures in the US over the last couple of weeks have been dominated by the way that the earnings of various

  • uncertainty

    Market Snapshot – US Futures Slightly Higher, US Dollar Soars to 2018 High

    Rise in UncertaintyAccording to reports, talks between North and South Korea have been canceled for now, which brings in some jitters into the market. The market is looking around for some fundamental drivers as the dollar continues to gain in strength on rising bond yields.US futures are trading slightly higher

  • stockss

    Market Snapshot – BTC Prices Continue to Struggle, US Stocks Rise

    BTC Prices StruggleBTC prices continued to struggle to make any kind of a comeback after their fall towards the end of last week. The prices and the markets continued to trade in a weak manner and it is likely that this is set to continue in the short term. The

  • Forex News

    Market Snapshot – Gold Gains as Dollar Falls

    Gold RisesThe gold prices have moved higher in a slow and steady manner as a combination of increase in risk and the weakness in the dollar has given some well needed respite for the gold markets over the last 24 hours. We have seen the gold prices move through the

  • daily market forecast

    Market Snapshot – Markets Slightly Damp on Bad Inflation Data

    Yields LowerThe inflation data from the US came in weaker than expected and this has affected the US treasury yields at this point of time. This is also likely to be a large blow for the dollar which had been on the rampage over the last few days and the

  • futures strong

    Market Snapshot – Futures Looking Buoyant, API and Tomorrow’s CPI in Focus

    US Futures StrongUS futures have been pretty buoyant today, points to a decent opening to the market in the coming hours. As the US pulls out of the Iran deal yesterday, markets remain calm and cautious ahead of tomorrow’s CPI figures from the US.We have also seen the PPI data from the US

  • US Futures Rise the Day After Trump’s Iran Decision, Oil Soars

    Geo-Political Waves and Anxious Investors, Asian Equities Tentative EarlyAsian and European markets have been rather cautious early this morning and lost value after the tentative results on Wall Street yesterday. Geopolitical news has dominated the investment landscape. The U.S decision to walk away from the Iranian nuclear deal has raised

  • news and data

    Market Snapshot – Market Awaits Trump and Important Data

    Trump to Reveal Iran Deal DecisionFinancial markets hold their breath for Donald Trump’s decision on Iran nuclear deal. Trump will release his announcement at 18:00 GMT on what might cause volatility in the markets. US indexes are trading slightly lower and crude oil eased before the decision.Crypto Markets Continue CorrectionThe cryptocurrency

  • crypto stocks

    Market Snapshot – Stocks Stable But Cryptos Slide

    Stock Markets StableThe US futures point to a decently bullish opening as they are on the rise. The dollar continues to be on a roll against most of the other currencies as the the traders and the investors look towards the important inflation data later in the week. The NFP

  • stocks

    First Quarter Earnings For Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ:CELG) Beat Wall Street’s Estimates

    Celgene’s net income for the 2018’s first quarter amounted to $846 million and this was lower than the $932 million which was reported in 2017’s first quarter. Operating income, on the other hand, reached a figure of $218 million and this was lower than the figure of $1.11 billion recorded

  • week ahead

    The Week Ahead – US Inflation Data, US-China Trade Talks and BoE in Focus

    Wall Street Gains but Consistency Sought, China Trade Balance TomorrowAlthough Wall Street produced solid gains on Friday as the Average Hourly Earnings report came in below expectations, the three major Indexes in the States have been rather inconsistent the past month.Asian markets have been mixed early as the Shanghai Shenzhen

  • Forex Markets

    Market Snapshot – Stocks and Cryptos Stable and Strong

    Stock Markets StableThe stock markets have been doing generally well as they await the NFP data from the US later in the day today. The DAX continues to trade near the highs of the broken range and this should bode well for the short term as far as the bulls

  • US Futures Point to Lower Open ON US-China Trade Talks,

    US Futures Point to Lower Open as Focus Shifts to US-China Trade Talks and NFP Employment Report Tomorrow

    Trade Talks between China and the U.S, Equities Losing Ground EarlyAsian equities finished today’s trading with declines on most Indexes. However, the Shanghai Shenzhen composite was able to achieve gains. Trade talks between China and the U.S will be getting underway soon and both nations continue to make rather strong

  • Broad Markets Anticipating FOMC Statement

    Broad Markets Anticipating FOMC Statement

    Mixed Results on Equity Markets as Fed Looms, Euro Producing GainsWall Street’s mixed day of results on Tuesday appears ready to repeat itself. Futures markets for U.S equities show traders remain cautious. The Federal Reserve will issue its interest rate decision and outlook later. While no change to the interest

  • stocks higher apple

    Global Stocks Higher Ahead of the Fed Meeting, Apple Strong Earnings Boost Markets

    GDP numbers will come from the European Union after the ECB non-monetary policy meeting.Full Volume Returning to Markets, GDP Data from European UnionThe three major Indexes on Wall Street turned in mixed results on Tuesday, as investors continue to react to the strong U.S Dollar. Global trading volumes were weak


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